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THETIS - Julie Christie Troy the Movie
thetis troy julie christie
Nereus and Doris had fifty daughters (Theogony, 264). Thetis is one of the Daughters of Nereus. As a group, they are called the Nereids. Thetis was given to Peleus (a mortal) for his undying devotion to the gods on Olympos. Thetis and Peleus had a magnificent son, Achilleus. The fate of Achilleus was known to Thetis. Simply put, Achilleus could return to his father and die happy yet forgotten, or, he could die at Troy and be remembered forever as a hero.

To protect her son in battle, Thetis provided Achilleus with armor made by Hephaistos, the smith of the gods. But during the war at Troy, Achilleus was angered by Agamemnon, he refused to fight. Instead, he gave his armor to his friend Patroklos. Patroklos was killed as he pressed the attack to the walls of Ilion. The most brutal fighting of the war was for the armor of Achilleus and the body of Patroklos. The disgrace to his friend’s body and the theft of his armor brought Achilleus into the battle, but not before Thetis could persuade Hephaistos to forge new armor for her, soon to be immortalized, son. When Achilleus strode into battle with his new armor, the Trojans fled in terror. His divine protection was obvious from the blaze of his armor and his divine lineage was also obvious from his beauty and his enormous strength. The Trojans who did not have the good sense or swift feet to run away, were killed. After Achilleus had had his revenge, Thetis led a procession of her sisters up from the depths to morn openly and to cast a divine mist over the body of Patroklos.

When Hephaistos was thrown from Olympos, Thetis and Eurynome healed him and gave him love and protection. The noble smith has never forgotten their kindness.

Julie Frances Christie (1941-) b. Chukua, Assam, India.

British actress, who emerged as a star in the 1960s, representing the liberated woman before women's liberation was formally recognised. In Billy Liar (1963), in her first major role, she is the free spirit in the grim northern city who cuts through the male dreams of leaving, and actually escapes, leaving Tom Courtenay's bags on the station platform as monuments to lost desire.



julie christie troy

In Darling (1965), the iconic movie of the period, her character is both celebrated for her freedom and punished for her independence, playing out the ambivalence of the sexual revolution. Her performance won her an Oscar, and awards from the New York Critics and the British Film Academy. Carrying her independence into her personal life and career, Christie has been discriminating and her filmography contains few of the clunkers that pepper the careers of most British stars of her generation.

She has been as successful in Hollywood as in Britain in securing interesting projects, including her role in Altman's McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971) for which she received an Oscar nomination. Her recent work has included a number of voice commentaries on television documentaries on political issues, and her commitment to feminism led her to accept a lead role in Sally Potter's The Gold Diggers (1983), a low-budget film with an all-women crew on which all participants were paid the same wage.

TALENT: She's a supreme acting talent, as validated by her Oscar for Darling in 1966. She later got Oscar nominations for McCabe and Mrs. Miller in '72 and for Afterglow in '97. She also got nominated for a Golden Globe in '76 as Best Actress, Shampoo.


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