Troy the movie - picture preview
bard pitt troy the movie
troy the movie army marches TROY

Troy the movie on settroy the movie galley in Malta

Brad is looking his best ever for Troy the Movie - "incredible" - All achieved without the aid of steroids. Though some UK/US tabloids are convinced Brad has been pumping iron, while also pumping the anabolics in his buttocks. We dont beleve it. In the Hollywood world of health obsession, Jennifer would never allow it. Side effects>




Abusing anabolic steroids can cause side effects in your body including fluid retention, high blood pressure, the increase of bad cholesterol and other gender-specific side effects like loss of libido, shrinking of the penis.....No! not Brad - Never...


troy the movie part of galley on beach


Replica of ancient Troy in Baja California Sur, not far
from the Pacific Coast resort city of Cabo San Lucas.

Troy the Movie film-set in Malta
- Valleta Harbour Wall - Valletta was also used for the magnificent walls of Rome in Gladiator - with a little help from the scenery builders and the CGI team you would never know..




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